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21 January, 2021 to 31 March, 2021 (18:00 GMT+8). The organizer is not responsible for any failure to complete the registration within the given time due to any reason.
Period of application
Application method 
Visit to the official website of the competition (, download and fill in the  application materials (Application form, Consent of using participant's data, Consent of using the work), then send the materials to the official mailbox of the competition ( After the Organizing Committee receives and verifies the application materials, the participants will receive the confirmation of application within 7 working days.
Submission date
The deadline for submission of entries is 30 June, 2021.
Rules for Submission 
1. All participants must upload digital files of their designs via the official mailbox of the contest. 

2.There are no more than 4 pictures for each work with high resolution. The file size of each photo should not exceed 4MB, and the format should be in .jpg, the resolution should be higher than 300dpi (the final review requires physical works delivered, and the specific method of delivering will be released on the official website of the competition in midSeptember). 

3. For each participant or organization, the entry is limited to one piece. If the information is incomplete or does not meet the requirements, they will be disqualified. 
 Q1: Does the applicant need to pay application fee?
Ans: No.

Q2: What’s the requirement of application?
Ans: Every participant need to acquire an “invitation number” in order to fill in the application form. The competition distributes a quota of 999 invitations around the world to design institutions and authorities. A certain amount of places are reserved to self-recommended application, which are processed by the Organizing Committee.

Q3: How to acquire an “invitation number” ?
Ans: There are two ways to get the invitation number. First, through the institutions or authorities that are in alliance with the Organizing Committee. Second, the self-recommended application method. Self-recommended applicants must send their personal information, resumes, representative works, award-winning experience and other related application materials to the official email account (, subject: Name + Self-recommended, please provide materials in the attachment). The Organizing Committee will review the materials, and send out the invitation if the applicant is qualified.

Q4: After self-recommended applicants send the materials to Organizing Committee, how long does it take to receive feedback?
Ans: If the self-recommended applicant is qualified, he/she will receive a confirmation email and invitation number from the Organizing Committee within seven working days. If the materials are inadequate, please follow the Committee’s instruction to submit supplementary materials.

Q5: Are there any restrictions concerning applicants’ status?
Ans: There is no restrictions on applicants’ nationality, gender, age, race, or working experience.

Q6: For applicants with invitation number, what's the application method? Ans: After acquiring the invitation number, applicants need to submit application materials (Application form, Consent of using participant’s data, Consent of using the work), then send the above materials to the official email account. Please attach applicant’s CV if he/she hasn’t provided one before.

Q7: How do I fill in the application form and the consent forms?
Ans: Download the forms from official website (, and fill in the forms according to the instruction. Scan the signed documents and send them to the official mailbox (

Q8: When is the deadline for application?
Ans: The application deadline is at 18:00 (GMT+8) on March 31, 2021.

Q9: Do I need to turn in my design entry while I submit the application form?
Ans: No. The deadline for submission of entries is 30 June, 2021.

Q10: Are there any restrictions on the format of submitting entry?
Ans: According to the “General Regulation,” all applicants need to submit their entries via official mailbox ( Please submit no more than 4 pictures for each work. The file size of each photo should not exceed 4MB, and the format should be in .jpg, the resolution should be higher than 300dpi.

Q11: Does the organizer of competition provide any design materials to applicants as design references? Ans: No, the organizer will not provide any pictures or materials. Applicants need to conduct their own research. Please refer to the “General Regulation” brochure for design requirements.

Q12: Could one use his/her existing works as an entry for this competition?
Ans: No. Entries could not have any published, publicized, promoted, or other exhibited records before. The work must be an original one and must not be copied, imitated or infringed on the intellectual property rights of others.

Q13: What are the design requirements of entries?
Ans: A work with Dunhuang elements, reflects design craftsmanship, modeling aesthetics, and innovative function. For detail description, please refer to the “General Regulation” brochure.

Q14: How many entries one can submit per application?
Ans: Every unit of applicant or organization can only submit one entry.

Q15: Can I re-submit or modify my design after first submission?
Ans: No. Once the entry is submitted to the official mailbox, applicant can’t change the design or modify it. If it is under technical problems, for example, low resolution or wrong format, one may re-submit a correct version under Organizing Committee’s consent.

Q16: Will the Organizing Committee release the list of selected applicants to the public?
Ans: After the preliminary review ends around 15 August 2021, 150 applicants will be selected for second review. The list will be released on official website, and followed by an online voting session.

Q17: Will the online voting session affect the review result?
Ans: No. Online voting activity aims to advertise the award and engage with the public. The result of online voting will not affect reviews of the award.

Latest update: February 9, 2021
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